We provide all natural Canadian hardwood cooking wood to restaurants across Central Ontario. Our customers include everything from wood fired pizza, to smoked barbecue, to open grill restaurants. Our sales professionals can help you find the right wood products to meet your restaurant's cooking needs.

wood fired pizza

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Cooking pizza, or other baked goods, in a wood fired oven is all about high consistent heat, which is why we created our Pizza Oven Blend. This blend includes a mix of hardwoods that have been kiln dried to the optimal moisture content. We also have hardwood kindling available to help you get your fires started.

barbecue smoking and asado grill

Barbecue Smoking & Asado/Open Grills

Cooking with a barbecue smoker or asado/open grill is all about imparting the right flavour to your foods. We carry a wide selection of Canadian hardwoods to meet your needs:

  • Sugar Maple gives food a sweet, light, mild smoke flavour. Great for chicken, wild game, and pork.
  • Red Oak gives food a mellow, medium smoke flavour. Great for almost every meat, especially for long cooks.
  • Hickory gives food a bold, smokey, bacon-like flavour. Great for beef, chicken, wild game, pork, and cheese.
  • Canadian Whisky Barrel gives food a distinct vanilla, caramel, white oak flavour. Great for all meats, cheese, and vegetables. 
  • Cherry gives food a slightly sweet fruity smoke flavour. Great for chicken, wild game, and pork.  
  • Apple gives food a mild, slightly sweet, dense flavour. Great for beef, chicken, wild game, and pork.  
  • Pizza Oven Blend gives off a very mild general wood flavour. Great for just straight cooking with wood.

Bagged Wood


No additives! 100% pure hardwood!

Split wood is 12 inches in length and approximately 4-5 inches in diameter

Bag is 1 cubic foot.

Available in:

  • Pizza Oven Blend
  • Sugar Maple
  • Oak
  • Apple
  • Cherry
Bagged firewood
Bagged kindling


  • No additives! 100% pure hardwood! 
  • Comes in 0.5 cubic foot

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Delivery Information

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  • Delivery: we have our own delivery trucks and drivers so that we may personally deliver to your restaurant
  • We consider deliveries outside our free delivery area on a case by case basis